We’re home for all your marketing & promotional essentials. We focus on media, whether that media is online, on TV or in your hand. Our Web, Video & Print services offer you a spectrum of coverage for ensuring your clients know what you do, who you are & what you sell. Our Web Design service can create or redesign your website keeping all those important bits intact. Every business should have a web footprint & we're here to ensure it. Our Video Production service can produce your TV commercial with an overview of your business or just focus on a particular area or product. Our Graphic Design service can make you the perfect business card which your customers will even comment on. We look forward to working with you!

On-location productions

We’ll travel to your location to produce your commercial. We’ll stay as long as needed while relocating our equipment multiple times just to get that perfect shot for you. We’ll patiently wait while you attend to your customers & staff because we understand & respect that your business is your number one priority - That’s exactly why we’re there!

In-house editing

If you’re budget conscious but would still love a professional & effective commercial without sacrificing quality, then our motion graphics would be perfect for you! With our quick turnaround on these style of spots, we can get you on the air immediately! They include all the uncompromising quality of an On-Location production while not being 'on location.'

Our history

In 1994 the Herald-Standard newspaper developed a 24/7 television channel, HSTV, Herald-Standard Television, which we operated for 14 years as HSTV Studios. In 1996 we started to develop websites for the Herald-Standard. That same year we started producing a thirty minute Internet and technology TV show, which was on the air for over a decade. The following year we designed the first newspaper website for Calkins Media, Inc. In 1999 we partnered with Helicon Cable Communications to form an Internet Service Provider. HSTV focused on news & sports broadcasting. News 19, a thirty minute daily newscast, gave birth to News 19 Now, a streaming newscast. We produced all of the advertising content for HSTV & News 19. Wanting to further expand our media production services we formed Striped Shirt Media in 2008.


We produce professional HD broadcast and website commercials that convey your brand image while selling your products. Decades of history means you can trust that we'll produce exactly what you need. In case you've never made a commercial before, don't worry; we'll take you through the process, step by step.


We design fresh, modern, creative & affordable websites to help businesses get results from the Internet. We deliver a full range of web solutions, including social media integration & web statistical analyses that focus on your objectives of increasing web traffic and online revenue generation.


We can design your marketing materials and produce them in a myriad of formats. The formats come in various qualities making them affordable with any budget. We'll incorporate your existing corporate identity or brand or design & develop one for you.

Aerial Videography

Looking to further enhance your commercial, website or brochure with some gorgeous aerial footage? It’s easy when you hire Striped Shirt Media for production. With our UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) we’ll capture those breathtaking moments from the air like you’ve never seen before. Whether you’re looking for traditional photography or amazing full-motion video, we’ll provide sensational results and in stunning 4k resolution too! We’re FAA registered & fully insured with public & property liability and we strictly adhere to the FAA sUAS/UAV rules, guidelines and safety procedures to ensure the safety of our team, the public and any structures.