Wesley began his career not in media but as a data/software analyst for a NASA contractor in Greenbelt, MD processing data for several scientific satellites. During his time there he got his degree in Mass Communications at Towson University. His first job in television was in Orlando, FL at Nickelodeon Studios first for the TV game show Figure It Out. He ultimately became a segment producer for Nickelodeon Games & Sports. After a 4-year run for Nick GAS, Wesley moved to Uniontown, PA and produced for Herald-Standard Television. Wesley became station manager in 2005 and remained in that capacity until 2009. Before his departure, he co-founded Striped Shirt Media, a media production company which designs websites and produces commercials for local businesses. Wesley performs many auxiliary duties for Striped Shirt including accounting, videography, scripting, editing and getting coffee. Wesley enjoys gardening, swimming, running, traveling, playing the piano and trying to learn French.